Create Many Text-To-Speech Videos
To Dominate Multiple Google Keywords!

And Do It Without Being an Expert.

Introducing "Many Vids"

"ManyVids" is a brand new software (for Windows) that allows you to Build MultipleText-to-Speech Videos For Different Keywords of Your Choice with Just a few Clicks. 

We all know that YouTube videos rank high on google, that's why our software is a great tool to dominate multiple keywords through them!

Software for Windows Only.

Comment: This video uses a voice that may be installed in your computer or not.
The software uses the voices that you already have installed in your computer and this varies
from one windows version to another.

See? It's a Huge Time Saver!

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Ready to Go Content.

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500 Stock Photos (also with PLR).

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Video Marketing Training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Software For Windows?

Yes, it's for Windows only. Any version starting from Windows 7 (7, 8 or higher will be fine).

Can it Produce HD Videos?

Yes, the software can generate .avi files with or without HD. You can use them for YouTube etc.

What Can a Video Include?

Each video can include a voice (text to speech)+ images.

How Many Voices Can I Use?

This varies from one Windows version to another (the software uses the voices that you already have installed in your computer).

As The FTC Rules Require, We Want To Let You Know That Results Are Not Typical We Obviously Don't Guarantee or Imply That By Using Our Software You Will Get Rich or Make Any Money At All. We're not responsible for the way you use this software. And That Your Income or Results, if Any, Will Vary. We re not responsible for any loss or damage that may come from the use of this software.